Press releases

The press release has been the mainstay of communications professionals for decades, and there is good reason for it. The digital age has led some to question the value of press releases but the reality is that they are more important than ever.

If you have a story to tell we will help you shape this into an interesting and newsworthy story. All we need is a simple briefing to tell us the basics:

  • What’s your story?
  • To whom is it of interest?
  • When will they need to know?
  • Why does it matter to them?

Once the story is drafted we will be able to identify target media outlets to target for coverage. This covers B2B, regional and national publications – offline and online.

By writing a good quality story and targeting the right media we will help you get your message across. There is no place in our world for lazy PR which involves a scattergun approach in the home that something will stick.

Examples of our client press releases


Supporting the launch of a new bi-fold door system for door fabricators:

SFS intec

Publicising an installation in Washington DC created using the firm’s glass canopy system:


Launching a new type of protection steel to the defence industry: